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Installing Custom Spreads

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Download Custom Spreads

To find your download links, go to your account.

Click or right-click the download button (control + click for Mac users), then save the file to your computer. The file should save as tarokki-custom_spreads-[version].zip.

  • Using Firefox or Chrome, the option you want to click is “Save link as…”.
  • In Safari, it’s “Download linked file as…”.
  • In Internet Explorer, it’s “Save target as…”.

Note for Mac users who are using Safari: If your download appears as an ordinary folder instead of a zip file, go to “Safari Preferences > General” and uncheck “Open ‘safe’ files after downloading”. Then the download will remain a zip file and not be unpacked.

Add Custom Spreads to your website

From your Dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New.


Click  Upload Plugin at the top, browse and select the tarokki-custom_spreads-[version].zip file.


Activating your license

For instructions on activating your license key, please see this article.

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