Addon Custom Spreads

Offer new spreads designed by Tarokina users. ‌ Set yourself apart from your competition!

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Tarokina Pro needs to be installed.

Custom Spreads is a Tarokina pro Add-on.
To enjoy Custom spreads, first install Tarokina pro.


Diversity is the secret! Bold designs.

Spread package designed by tarot readers. Show off elegant designs in your tarot readings. You can change the order of the cards.

Custom Spreads

Choose the license that best fits your needs


3 Websites

per year

Integrates into Tarokina pro

New Designs (10 Custom Spreads)

Change the order of the cards


Tarokina Pro in action

Take a look at the admin panel and see how easy it is to create a tarot reading. With more than 25 parameters you can customize even the smallest detail.

Can I contribute to the translation of the plugin?

Arnelio uses Deepl to translate text strings. If you want to become Translation Editor, please contact us through our contact page.

Tarokina Pro is currently translated into the following languages.

flag United StatesEnglish
flag SpainSpanish
flag FranceFrench
flag BrazilBrazilian
flag ItalyItalian
flag TurkeyTurkish
flag RussiaRussian

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I choose the order in which the cards appear in the spread?

Yes, definitely. There are a total of 6 different configurations to modify the order in which the cards appear in the spread.


Will my tarot stop working if I don’t renew my license key?

No, the Tarot will continue to work. But Custom Spreads will no longer load, instead, Tarokina pro spreads will load.


What kind of support can I expect?

Technical support is available only to users who have a valid license key. Support is offered in Spanish and English.

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