Cards and Interpretations

Creating A New Deck

A new card can only be added to an existing deck. If you want to add a card to a new deck, you need to create that deck first. To do so, select “Decks” under “Tarokina Pro” in the sidebar, enter the name of your new deck, and then click the “Add New Deck” button.

Adding A New Card

Select “Cards” under “Tarokina Pro” in the sidebar, then click the “Add Card” button.

Entering Card Details

Enter your card title, select a deck, upload a card image and then click “Publish”.

Checking the Card Has Been Added to the Correct Deck

You can confirm that the new card has been added to the correct deck by checking the card count before and after creating a new card.

Adding Or Editing Texts / Interpretations

Once you enter a new card, you will need to enter a new text for each reading already linked to the relevant deck. In this example there are two Tarots readings linked to the “Chakra” deck.

If you access the cards of the Chakra deck. You will see a button for each text that needs to be added for the new card.

Selecting Each Reading and Adding the Text

Select a button and add your reading text, then click “Update”.

Make sure to confirm that the reading you are updating is the correct one!

Written By
Paul Roth