Feature Requests

If you have a feature you would like added, feel free to contact us. Below are features we either have already planned or are discussing. Make sure to also check out our changelog.

Pending (development/discussion)
  • Tarokina Restriction: A text field – information notice.
  • Tarokina Pro: Insert multiple tarots in a page.
Approved (In roadmap) no definite date
  • added Tarokina Pro, Classic and Custom: New parameter to increase the size of the cards in the Spread.
  • added Tarokina Pro: Yes or No Tarot Reading.
  • added Tarokina Pro: Daily tarot.
  • added Tarokina Pro: New card selector: Click on the spread.
  • added Tarokina Pro: New expert mode with reversals.
  • added Tarokina Pro: All open tabs in the result.
  • Coming soon Tarokina Restriction: A text field to manually modify the text “This content is restricted to buyers…”
Written By
Paul Roth