General Options

Create 100 tarots

The base installation of Tarokina Pro allows you to create 10 tarots. If you need more, activating this option will allow you to create up to 100 tarots. It will also divide your decks into groups of 10 and create shortcut buttons for each group:

Force SSL on images

Activate this option if your tarot card images are not being displayed using SSL – sometimes this can happen with back-ups or after changing your site’s URL. This option changes the http:// extension to https:// in all the tarot card images.

Add text before or after the name of a reversed card

Add text before or after the name of a reversed card

You can add your own text before or after the card name if you create a tarot with reversed cards. Your custom text will then show if a reversed card is selected. Note that you need to leave the {card_name} variable in place, and add your text before or after. Remember to save changes before moving on.

Here is an example. The text ” – Reversed” has been added after the card name, and shows with the reversed Judgement card. If no custom text is added, the card image will be reversed but the card name will be unchanged. Useful to make reversed cards clearer for your readers.

Uninstall Tarokina Pro

Selecting this option will completely uninstall all data related to Tarokina when you delete the plugin. Be very certain that you want to use this option – if you later change your mind and reactivate the plugin you will need to start from scratch and recreate your decks, tarots and card descriptions.

Written By
Paul Roth