Restriction Options

Select Ecommerce

Allows you to select whether to use Woocommerce or Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) as your ecommerce engine – note that whichever plugin you choose needs to already be installed and activated on your site. The base installation of either plugin is available in the WordPress plugin repository and can be used out of the box to sell tarot readings. Each also offers paid add-ons and integrations. Note that Arnelio does not support the implication of either plugin.

Logout from tarot

When activated, inserts a header above the purchased tarot reading displaying the access time remaining and links for your customer to see their orders or logout. Theme 1 (left) is a full width widget; Theme 2 (right) is more compact:

Login from tarot

Will display a login button (left image) or inline login form (right image) for unregistered users to login to purchase a product:

Information text to unlock the tarot by purchasing a product

This option allows you to customize the call to action inviting your customers to purchase the tarot reading. You need to include the {product_name} variable somewhere in your text to allow linking to the correct product in your online store:


Set this option to decide whether to automatically add the product to your customer’s basket, or to redirect to the item’s product page. Linking to the product page might be useful where your item is more expensive and you want to provide more description and product benefits to your customer.

Written By
Paul Roth